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7 Tips for Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

Stove and Oven Repair

Here’s how to ensure your kitchen appliances always run smoothly.

We can do a lot to extend the life of our home kitchen appliances. We’ve comprised this list tips to help you get the most out of your appliances lifespan, and your money’s worth!

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How To Choose Appliances

appliance brands performance

Whether you are renovating your entire kitchen space, or you are just deciding on a new stove, there is a lot to consider when choosing appliances to get your money’s worth.

Did you know that kitchen appliances are the second most costly component of a kitchen renovation? They are the investments that make up your entire cooking space, so it is best to do your homework first. Don’t worry, though! It is all broken down here in this checklist. Continue reading

Common Appliances Problems

Refrigerator Repair

Here are some common appliances problems and their telltale signs.

Whether the stove light wont turn on or your washing machine is leaking water, it is often easy to tell when your appliances are experiencing issues. However, others are not as easily determined. Consult the following list to understand common appliances problems and how they can be fixed. Continue reading

How To Find The Best Appliance Repair Near Me

appliance repair cost

Is there an easier way to sort through the online “appliance repair near me” searches?

When an appliance breaks down at an unfavourable time, it’s time for quick thinking. But, with so many appliance repair services listed online, you’re caught asking yourself “how do I find the best appliance repair near me?” Well, thanks to the internet, your ideal appliance repair service is literally one click away.

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How Much Is An “Affordable Appliance Repair”?

home appliance service

Find out more about affordable appliance repairs and what to expect when maintaining your appliances.

The chances are that if you have a home then you own multiple appliances to help with your everyday life. Granted, appliances are a large investment that will only become more costly as your microwaves and dryers age. An affordable appliance repair relies on more than just the service fee. The following tips can help you gauge how much your appliance repair might cost you.

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Why Disposing Your Old Microwave Is Better Than Getting A Repair

appliance brands performance

If you’re living in Toronto with a busted microwave, you can either toss it or repair it. We break down why throwing it out will save you money.

Similarly to other appliances, a microwave isn’t built to last forever. Opting for a repair instead of throwing it out could be the worst choice. When deciding which route to go, consider our tips.

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Same Day Appliance Repair – Myth or Reality?

same day appliance repair

Life doesn’t stop when your appliances do. They help you to maneuver everyday life to keep it hassle free. Dishwashers, stoves, washing machines, even your little microwave inconvenience you when they break down without warning. The last thing you need is an unreliable company who promises to fix your washer but leaves you hand-washing for much longer. Continue reading

Why Appliance Repair Toronto Reviews Need To Be Checked

Multiple business and services occupy Toronto. So, while searching online for appliance repairs, an even greater total of potential services will turn up at your expense. Variety is appreciable, however too many options can be an issue when deciding on the best company. The review section of a Toronto appliance repairs company website can quickly and effectively put an end to your hunt. Continue reading

Is Appliance Repair Cost Cheaper Than Replacement?

appliance repair cost

A faulty refrigerator ice maker, or an oven’s failure to heat up are an appliances call for help. The deciding factor on whether to repair or replace an appliance is if appliance repair cost is cheaper than replacement. Depending on the age of your appliance, contacting a repair technician can result in quick answers while saving you money. Consider the following tips to decipher which route best suits your needs. Continue reading