Samsung Oven Error Codes

For kitchens big or small, new or old, Samsung ovens are definitely a popular choice. While they are known for their features and durability, sometimes, there might be some internal problems that are tough to spot. Since the oven is connected to the overall range, problems with the cooktop may also affect your oven.

It is tough to spot errors and then differentiate what errors refer to which part of the range. That is why there are error codes that you can refer to. Usually unplugging the appliance for 2-3 minutes can clear the code. But if there are underlying issues with the components, the errors may persist. Here are the Samsung oven error codes, decoded.

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Samsung Oven Error Codes Troubleshooting

Error Code Problem Solution
E08 The oven is not heating Unplug the oven to check the elements inside. The problem may be in one or most of the heating elements of your oven. This includes the broil element, baking element as well as the temperature sensor. You should also check if the wiring is damaged and get that repaired immediately.
E-OA Oven overheating This is a common Samsung Error code with old appliances. Ensure that the oven is unplugged and check the temperature sensor. The resistance should be 1080 ohms and if you see the resistance is more by 200 ohms, consider replacement of the temperature sensor.
E27 and E28 Issues with the temperature sensor Unplug the main oven from the switch and disconnect the temperature sensor and ensure that the resistance is 1080 ohms. If the resistance is on the higher side, you should consider the replacement of the sensor.
SE Defective key If any of the keys on the control panel is defective, this error code will be displayed. Unplug the oven and ensure that the wiring between the control console and electronic control board is intact. If the wire harness seems intact and the problem still persists, replace the control panel.
LE Low Voltage Error Make sure that the oven is unplugged and check for any loose wires. If there are any damaged wires or if the transformer is broken, replace the transformer.
E54 Electronic control board error If this error is shown, the problem may be with the main cooktop control board. You must unplug the range and tighten any loose wiring. If the problem persists, the wire harness needs to be fixed or the main cooktop control board needs to be replaced.
E-55 Communication error with touch panel You must unplug the range and tighten any loose wiring. If the wire harness is secure, you must replace the control panel and the wiring along with the electronic unit.
cE-56 Problem with oven’s internal electronic control board Keep the range unplugged for 3 minutes and reset the appliance from the electronic control board. If the error remains, unplug the appliance and tighten any loose wiring. If the problem persists, you must replace the electronic control board.
E-OE Oven door lock error Unplug the range and check the wiring of the door lock assembly. Tighten any loose ends. If the problem persists, replace the door lock.