Samsung Fridge Error Codes

As a homeowner, few things are worse than stumbling on a major appliance malfunction. How much are repairs going to cost? How long will the unit be out of commission? These questions, amongst others, will immediately rush to your mind, and the decision to call a professional or tackle the problem independently will present itself.

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If your kitchen lay host to a Samsung refrigerator, most of the error codes presented to you will relate to power loss and door ajar issues. Samsung fridge troubleshooting is easy when you know where to look, and many of the fixes will be simple enough for you to handle on your own. Below we’ll explore the codes you should be on the lookout for and how to address them once found.

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code Troubleshooting

Power & Door Ajar Errors

As we mentioned, most of the errors you’ll see on your Samsung fridge are caused by power loss or door ajar issues. Here are common error codes that will help you determine next steps:

Error Code Cause Fix
1E, 5E, SE Power outage. Water will not be dispensed from the fridge until fixed. Press and hold the Energy Saver button & Lightning button simultaneously for 15 seconds.
88, 83E, 85E, 86E Power loss. Any of the four codes can be displayed if power is lost. Unplug the refrigerator, wait 60-seconds, plug back in.
Flashing OF OF Cooling Off Mode. Occurs if the refrigerator gets too warm, can be due to a door left ajar. Close the door and wait for the refrigerator to adequately cool.
PC ER Door and main unit disconnection. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the door seal. Wipe dust and debris from the top and sides of the door.

Miscellaneous Errors

If you’re experiencing Samsung fridge error codes that don’t align with any of those listed in the table above, it may be due to faulty parts or other miscellaneous items. You can use the following Samsung fridge troubleshooting codes to determine where your attention is needed most.

Error Code Cause Fix
26E Issues with water valve or icemaker. Replace the water valve in the lower rear of the unit. Ensure that the icemaker is turned on, thaw any fill-tube blockages, and ensure that the temperature is below 8 degrees fahrenheit.
24E, 40E Freezer defrost malfunction, due to a thaw frost buildup. Remove freezer contents and back inner wall. Use a hair dryer to melt ice/frost, then reassemble the wall. Press and hold the upper right and upper left buttons simultaneously to reset the unit.
25E Faulty defrost unit. Verify that the defrost time and control board are working correctly. If not, replace them.
23E Condenser fan issue. Ensure that the refrigerator condenser fan is receiving power. If not, supply power to test the fan. If power is not the issue, replace the fan.

If after all of this, you’re still experiencing Samsung refrigerator problems, it’s probably best that you have a professional take a look. Get in touch with our team and have your refrigerator fixed in a flash.