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Appliance Cleaning Tips

image dryer lint cleaning

Get a brand-new sparkle with these easy appliance cleaning tips. Your kitchen appliances with look and preform even better when you show them some love. Each appliance is different and requires a certain procedure to help them do their best job. Fear not! Keeping up monthly with these quick-and-easy tips will have your kitchen looking great, and doing even better.

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Appliance Maintenance Tips

washer repair in a concord basement

Regular Appliance Maintenance – More Care Less Repair

How to extend the life of your appliances:

Your appliances work probably as hard as you do. And as with people – with appliances, a little care goes a long way. It is true that when you are taking that extra step your appliances will require less fixing and serve you much longer trouble free.  After all, appliances are too much of an investment not to want to extend its lifespan.

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Repair or Replace Your Appliances?

Is Appliance Repair Cost Cheaper Than Replacement?

A faulty refrigerator ice maker, or an oven’s failure to heat up are an appliances call for help. The deciding factor on whether to repair or replace an appliance is if appliance repair cost is cheaper than replacement. Depending on the age of your appliance, contacting a repair technician can result in quick answers while saving you money. Consider the following tips to decipher which route best suits your needs.

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How to Find a Reliable Appliance Technician

Multiple business and services occupy Toronto. So, while searching online for appliance repairs, an even greater total of potential services will turn up at your expense. Variety is appreciable, however too many options can be an issue when deciding on the best company. The review section of a Toronto appliance repairs company website can quickly and effectively put an end to your hunt.

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Whirlpool Washer Error Codes

Image of a washer machine

Globally, Whirlpool washers have been trusted by many homes. But even the best machines have some troubles sometimes. That is when they show ‘error codes’ that help you diagnose the actual problem with the washer. To find the error codes for your specific model, you can read the Owners Manual that came along with your washer. Here are the common error codes, their meanings and their solutions.

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GE Oven Error Codes

Image of an oven

Summer is a good time to look at your oven performance and tuning. You can easily pause your in-kitchen cooking for barbecue if repairs or parts replacements are needed.

General Electric ovens is one of the company’s most advanced divisions boasting a wide range of models. Whether it is induction, electric or gas, they are also equipped with sophisticated electronic control panels. This feature helps not only to achieve precise temperature for cooking but also to troubleshoot problems and malfunctions.

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GE dishwashers Error Codes and Troubleshooting

dishwasher open logo

General Electric Dishwashers are designed to be easily accessible and offer maximum features and still qualify for Energy Star ratings. Even if you have older units at home, they probably had a good run already. But every now and then appliances break and we are so dependant on them for reliable service. Continue reading to learn about common GE dishwasher error codes, what they mean, and how you can solve the problem at hand efficiently.

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Icemaker in Your Fridge Door – Yes or No?

Image of a girl using a fridge ice dispenser

Summer is coming – that means much more entertaining at home, more backyard parties, more BBQs. At this time icemaker in your fridge door can not be underestimated. With an easy press of a button, you can get fresh crushed ice in your drink right at your fridge. No dangerous ice picks or ice – cube mess!

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LG Dishwasher Error Codes

dishwasher logo

From modern dishwashers, you expect a lot: to operate quietly, clean your dishes fast, have a pleasing design outside and smart layout inside. And most modern brands offer that. LG – as one of the newer appliance manufacturers has focused on the design and its user-friendly features. Its 10 models of dishwashers come with innovative features. Although they are, mostly, introduced in higher-end models, but the technology in itself is exciting:

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