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Why Disposing Your Old Microwave Is Better Than Getting A Repair

lady thinking next to a microwave

If you’re living in Toronto with a busted microwave, you can either toss it or repair it. We break down why throwing it out will save you money.

Similarly to other appliances, a microwave isn’t built to last forever. Opting for a repair instead of throwing it out could be the worst choice. When deciding which route to go, consider our tips.

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How Much Is An “Affordable Appliance Repair”?

home appliance service

Find out more about affordable appliance repairs and what to expect when maintaining your appliances.

The chances are that if you have a home then you own multiple appliances to help with your everyday life. Granted, appliances are a large investment that will only become more costly as your microwaves and dryers age. An affordable appliance repair relies on more than just the service fee. The following tips can help you gauge how much your appliance repair might cost you.

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Common Appliances Problems

quick-dryer-repair service

Here are some common appliances problems and their telltale signs.

Whether the stove light wont turn on or your washing machine is leaking water, it is often easy to tell when your appliances are experiencing issues. However, others are not as easily determined. Consult the following list to understand common appliances problems and how they can be fixed.

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The Pros and Cons Of A Portable Washer In An Apartment

image of laundry, towel, laundry basket

Living in an apartment building has its benefits. Primarily, it’s the cost. Renting a condo unit of equivalent size in a similar area is usually more expensive.

At the same time, it has its inconveniences you have to live with. Aside from the lack of concierge service and other perks, apartment buildings rarely have washer/dryers in the units.

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Household Appliances Rating: What Brands have Longest Life-Span?

lady thinking next to a microwave

Choosing the right appliance for your household may be stressful. While there is abundance information on the individual brand performance over the years and their most common service issues – personal experience may vary from customer to customer. Once you read the online reviews for specific brand you can easily see that the number of stars for the same model and make can range from one to five. And here a series of important factors come into play – from problems caused by wrong installation, its ergonomic features and energy consumption to defects in particular unit that become a repair issue.

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Fridge Leaking Water Causes

Refrigerator electronics Repair

If you have started noticing water on the floor around the fridge on the regular basis, it is time to pay a little more attention to it. Although it might look like minor inconvenience, if you take care of the problem promptly might save you time and money in the long run. Also, as for any electrical appliance proximity of wiring or electrical parts is very dangerous and may cause short circuit, causing permanent damage to wiring, or even worse, cause fire.

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Common Dishwasher Problems & With Solutions

dishwasher repair toronto

Over the years dealing with all makes and models of dishwasher I-FIX appliance repair specialists have dealt with each and every type of malfunction. The truth is, with most of the problems that we end up fixing, the symptoms start showing at a much earlier stage.

That is why we have decided here to break down the key problems, and discuss troubleshooting, which might help eliminate a bigger problem later on. After all, most of the problems are comparatively easy to troubleshoot for an average DIY warrior, and if you do determine that you need to call a professional, it is better to determine that at an earlier stage before the problem becomes nonrepairable, or too costly to fix.

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Appliance Repair – DIY or Not?

dryer appliance disassembly

In our day and age when you can simply go on Youtube or DIY appliance repair blog and browse through tutorials and look up how to fix pretty much anything, it is very important to understand what you CAN do and where it is best to trust the professionals. Although, it seems easy when a professional demonstrator does it on screen, but how far can you actually go yourself?

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Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?

stove handles

Ahead of the holiday season, as experienced appliance repair experts we would like this time for you to turn our attention to ovens. You would not want to have all family gathered for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and realize in the middle of cooking that your stove needs repair. It is this time of the year that we receive the phone calls for oven repair, often when it is too late for the holiday meal not to be affected.

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