Why is My Washing Machine Not Rinsing Properly?

You need your washing machine to keep your clothes clean and ready for the important events in your life. So if you’re finding a sudsy mess in your washing machine at the end of a cycle, it may leave you wondering, “why is my washing machine not rinsing properly?” Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for rinsing issues with washing machines that you can fix yourself in just a few minutes.

Too Much Detergent


A little goes a long way and this is true with your laundry detergent. If your washing machine has too much detergent then it won’t be able to rinse properly.

Use a measuring cup to determine the right amount based on your washer settings and the detergent you are using.

Usually no more than a teaspoon is required for a full load of laundry. Remember to only use the detergent recommended for your washing machine.

Washing Machine is Overloaded


If you are having to jam clothes into the drum, then this likely means your washing machine is too full. It’s true that laundry is no fun, and sometimes it may seem easier to throw everything into the machine at once.

However, this can trap washing machine cleaners in between clothing items making it difficult for the machine to drain. Remove the excess items and save them for the next load.

Drain Pump Clogged or Not Working


A clogged pump can prevent your clothing from rinsing properly. So if you’re trying to figure out how to fix a washing machine that is not rising, be sure to inspect the pump.

Debris and built-up soap can block the pump, preventing clean water from properly rinsing your clothes. Detach the drain pump and check to see if there is anything stuck inside. Once you remove the debris, your washer should be working properly.

Drain Hose Clogged or Bent

appliance repair technician looking inside the washer

The drain hose helps to remove dirty, soapy water during the rinse cycle. If this is clogged then it will remain in the drum leaving your clothes feeling slimy.

Check your drainage hose to make sure there is no debris inside. If your hose is bent, gently stretch and adjust it to ensure that water and debris can easily pass through.

Water Supply Hoses are Bent

Image of a washer machine

The drain hose carries dirty water away, while the water supply hose brings fresh clean water into your washing machine. Check the water supply hose regularly to make sure there are no bends or cracks in the hose.

Do not let the machine press against it and never allow it to get bent in half. It should always have enough clearance to prevent blockages.

Switch or Control Board Malfunction

washer repair in a north york basement

Like most household appliances, your washing machine has an internal computer that makes it run. If there is an issue with the control board, then your washer will not rinse.

Check for any loose or frayed wires. If you find any signs of deterioration, call a washing machine technician who can make the necessary repairs and get your unit working properly again.

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