Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Hotpoint appliance repair

As many Appliance manufacturers, Hotpoint started with innovation – an iron where the tip was the hottest point and not the rest of the body as in other irons. Then it started offering the full range of appliance units to its clients. The brand now owned and manufactured jointly by European and USA appliance makers.

Here in Canada it is sold at Home Depot as a budget line of appliances, being around $200 less than an average unit. The line is simple but functional, with simplified features and straightforward construction.

Unfortunately, in June 2017, a Hotpoint FF175BP model fridge freezer turned out to be the cause of fire in London’s Grenfell Towers that killed 79 people. The owners of models FF175BP or the FF175BG manufactured between March 2006 and July 2009 are advised to contact the company for a safety check.

Overall the brand was built to last and it is common to see Hotpoint Appliances that have been in use for 15-25 years. Appliances of other brands now are not expected to last that long.

Hotpoint units do not contain sophisticated electronics. French doors with water dispensers for fridges or front loading options for washing machines are not features you find in HotPoint appliances. Nevertheless, there is still a demand for HotPoint appliance repair.

Take a look at our list of serviceable Hotpoint appliances:

  • Hotpoint washer repair
  • Hotpoint refrigerator repair
  • Hotpoint dryer repair
  • Hotpoint oven repair
  • Hotpoint dishwasher repair
  • Hotpoint stove repair

Hotpoint Appliance Repair Experts in Toronto

We At i-FIX Appliances, we have been servicing the full range of Hotpoint appliances for over 10 years and are familiar with common problems and malfunctions. Yes, with Hotpoint as a budget brand, we do expect some problems:

  • Loose burners and uneven heat distribution in stoves
  • Heating element in washers
  • Temperature problems in refrigerators
  • Thermostats malfunctions
  • Overall circuit board problems

We know that when any appliances break, it is a huge setback for a client. You are not able to keep up with the household chores, have little time for a service visit, and the service costs money.

We do our best to turn your appliance breakdown into a pleasant experience. The diagnostics and repair process should not be painful. We make sure we do everything to make you happy. That is why we offer:

  • 24/7 appointments at your convenience
  • Same-day service
  • Thorough quotes with clear breakdown of parts and labor
  • Realistic assessment of the repair process timeframe
  • We try to do the service as fast as possible without cutting corners
  • Offer tips on maintenance and efficient use

Realistic assessment of the repair process timeframe

Most clients think that if they are speaking to a repair technician, they will end up inevitably talking you into repairing an old useless piece versus buying a new one. But we at i-FIX appliance are always upfront with our clients. We will give you a realistic assessment of the full cost of repair.

For us, there is no point in talking you into repair as, eventually, you will see if it’s not worth it. We’d rather have a happy client. But we would always love to help you to keep your old appliances in good up and running condition if you do not want to splurge on new ones. It simply adds up

Does your Hotpoint appliance unit require professional service or repair? Call us to set up an appointment with a certified technician.

We repair Hotpoint appliances in Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York areas.

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