LG Dishwasher Error Codes

From modern dishwashers, you expect a lot: to operate quietly, clean your dishes fast, have a pleasing design outside and smart layout inside. And most modern brands offer that. LG – as one of the newer appliance manufacturers has focused on the design and its user-friendly features. Its 10 models of dishwashers come with innovative features. Although they are, mostly, introduced in higher-end models, but the technology in itself is exciting:

  • 9 washing cycles
  • Quad wash – better cleaning with 4 spray arms and reducing the cleaning time to 55 minutes
  • Black stainless steel or Slate finish – looking great and fingerprint resistant
  • Stainless- steel interior
  • Autowash option with sophisticated soil sensors
  • True Steam technology – using steam to remove baked-on food

In fact, LG is known for putting so much in the options, cycles and controls, that some think it is too complicated for seamless dishwasher user experience.

dishwasher repair

It is always a built-in appliance, so if something happens to a dishwasher most clients will tend to try to have it fixed rather than replace.

Let’s look at some of the most common error codes for LG Dishwasher

Error codes are a great way to see where the malfunction is, and in most cases, give pretty accurate information, unless there is a problem with the sensor itself.

LG dishwasher code OE – it is one of the most common error codes for the brand. It points to the water drainage problem. Press Cancel and Drain button to drain the water and examine the filters carefully. If you do not have the Drain button, simply start the cycle and run it for 45 seconds, and then cancel. If it does not clear the OE code on display, most likely, you will need service.

LG dishwasher error code LE – this code points to the problem with the motor. To try and clear the code to turn off the dishwasher and shut down the circuit breaker, or unplug the dishwasher. If the code comes back after you turn it on and start the cycle (especially when you hear no sound of motor working) you might need the motor and the motor wiring get looked at.

LG dishwasher error code HE – points to the issues with the heating element
LG dishwasher 2h codes

LG dishwasher code 1E or IE – water level problem due to insufficient supply. Maybe caused by water inlet, or water supply line connection

LG dishwasher error code FE – indicates to the problems with the water level, the dishwasher is overfilled with water. If the code is not cleared after the dishwasher was restarted – it needs to be examined by a professional.

One of the common issues when it comes to water level issues is malfunctioning LG water pressure sensor.

LG dishwasher error code AE – possible leak from the base of the unit.

LG dishwasher error code FE – this code points to the fact that during the dishwasher operation, at some point, there was a power supply interruption. You will only need to reset the display, of course when the power is back on. If it happens when there is no general power outage to the house, it might point to the fact that your circuit breaker cannot handle the overload, especially if there are some smaller appliances sharing the same breaker.

What is not an LG Dishwasher Maintenance code?

If you got your dishwasher recently, you might easily mistake some of the dishwasher display indicators for an error code. Here are some of them:

LG dishwasher 2H code – indicates that there is less than 2 hours remaining to the cycle

LG dishwasher 01 to 24 two digit number codes point to the fact that the delay start has been activated

LG dishwasher P1 to P4 shows the download cycle

LG dishwasher N:xx, u:xx, d:xx shows version information of the controller

LG Dishwasher Maintenance

With LG dishwasher, as with other brand dishwashers, the regular maintenance and smart use go a long way to avoid repairs:

  • Do not overload the dishwasher
  • Make sure the dishes and utensils do not obstruct any rotating parts
  • Place the dishes firm in the slots and holders – to prevent them from shifting during washing
  • If you hear a strange noise coming from dishwasher – pause and take a look if anything is obstructing the spray arms.
  • Rinse the dishes and clean from the grease and food leftovers, before putting them inside
  • Run a clean cycle as per the manual (adjust it to the frequency of use)
  • Clean the filters, examine and clean spray arms on a regular basis

If your LG dishwasher shows error codes, or clearly malfunctions, try to assess the problem realistically. Some of them can be eliminated easily with basic troubleshooting, resetting the dishwasher, or simple DIY part replacement. But some of the malfunctions are best left to certified repair technicians, especially when safety is the issue. Contact our appliance repair experts to get your LG appliance repaired quickly and with warranty.

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