A Buyers Guide: Signs That You Need to Call an Appliance Repair Technician

You’re up in the middle the night doing the laundry, then all of a sudden you just feel that something is not right with your washing machine. Because you’re not an expert in appliance repair, you continue on doing your laundry in the hopes that the problem will just go away.

Before you continue on with your laundry or other appliance, sometimes it’s important to simply just trust your gut dentist are thinking about calling a service technician for your machine.

Listed below are some key signs that you need to take into consideration before calling a technician.
  1. Your washer dryer has already started making some weird noises. At the beginning, the machine operates very quietly and was a dramatic improvement over the last one you had, but now it’s making some unexpected noises.
  2. Your oven or stove takes longer to do its job than before. If you ever start to notice that your machine is starting to slow down, it may be time to call in someone to get it looked at.
  3. Appliance Repair

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    Your dishwasher is generally old. Like a car, as time progresses, parts will start to breakdown motors will start to wear and any circuitry used inside the machine will start to be stressed. If your appliance has been used for a very long time in general, that it is definitely time to have someone take a look at it.

  4. Unusual power draws in the home. If you notice that your lights start the flicker when you turn on your refrigerator appliance, it probably means that the appliance is drawing more power to compensate for a part that’s worn down. Other signs include a blown or resetting fuse.
  5. The washing machine is leaking. Even on new units, it’s very common because of quality workmanship that you’ll start to see leaks from your machine. This can be caused by a Screw that has come loose or a tube that hasn’t been properly secured, or worst-case could be oil from the machine itself. All of which is a very good reason to call an appliance repair technician.
  6. The knobs on the stove are hard to turn. Understanding that underneath the knob that you’re turning, is a complex array of electrical circuits, It’s very common that dust or water or sometimes grease can get inside the circuit board. When you start to notice that these knobs have trouble turning, do not force it. Make sure you have a technician does ready to take a look.
  7. You notice that the washer has “walked”. This was commonplace in older machines, when it was in operation the motor and mechanical parts for working so hard that the machine literally starts to move in any direction. When this happens the quick fix is to make sure that the feet of the machines are stable, or there is a large load of laundry that is spinning in one area of the machine itself, and simply needs redistribution inside. However, anytime the machine is walking

Most Common Reason of Appliance Breakage

Generally, home appliances have been designed to last 10, 15, 20 years depending on the quality workmanship of the machine. As machines start to age, because appliances include both electrical and mechanical components, it’s very easy for them to breakdown even if the machine is a relatively new.

One of the most common reasons why machine breaks down is because the machine may have been overloaded well beyond the design specifications. We can all understand that there are some days where we have an extremely large load of laundry to do and so we simply throw them in. The machines are then stressed beyond what it’s capable of, and will contribute to shortening the life of the machine itself.

The second most common reason a machine breaks down is because of the quality of the electrical power that enters a home. Depending on your power company your machine makes appearances search because of some work that was being done at the Hydro company, or may have be because of a search due to lightning storms. It’s important to keep pure power line clean and consistent as much as possible.

Why Call a Technician?

In conclusion, it’s always important to keep the contact of the service technician is available to repair your machine at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing worse than trying to get your work done and the machine breaks down. Make sure at the technician knows about your machine beforehand, Has the parts available, makes a real tremendous effort to show up the same day to repair the machine.

If you’re ever looking for a reliable, certified, insured technician, make sure you give us a call!