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GE dishwashers Error Codes and Troubleshooting

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General Electric Dishwashers are designed to be easily accessible and offer maximum features and still qualify for Energy Star ratings. Even if you have older units at home, they probably had a good run already. But every now and then appliances break and we are so dependant on them for reliable service. Continue reading to learn about common GE dishwasher error codes, what they mean, and how you can solve the problem at hand efficiently.

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Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes and Malfunctions

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No matter how smoothly your appliances are working, we always recommend to check on and pay a bit more attention to their operation. Even the most reliable brands, such as Bosch sometimes falter. It is important to catch any potential malfunction as early as possible. No matter how we hope that some problems go away, they simply won’t resolve themselves.

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Reasons Why Your Washer Stops Spinning


When your washing machine is not spinning, excess water is not removed from your laundry. This can quickly add delays and frustration to your daily routines. If your washing machine spin cycle is not working, fear not. There are several reason why this could happen. Many are easy to fix and are not caused by mechanical issues.

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Samsung Fridge Error Codes

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As a homeowner, few things are worse than stumbling on a major appliance malfunction. How much are repairs going to cost? How long will the unit be out of commission? These questions, amongst others, will immediately rush to your mind, and the decision to call a professional or tackle the problem independently will present itself.

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Self-Cleaning Ovens Guide – All You Need to Know

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There are a few kitchen tasks that everybody despises, and cleaning the oven is one of them. A self-cleaning oven is a type of oven that has technology that solves this issue of cleaning the oven yourself. Without the use of poisonous oven cleaning materials, a self-cleaning oven uses very high temperatures to burn away food and any leftover to ash.

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Appliance Repair Issues – New Appliances?

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When you buy a new set of appliances you do not want to think of appliance repair. You did your research well, bought a trusted brand, the units that fit your needs and have the look and functions that you wanted – so really nothing should happen to them! Not in the nearest 3-5 years. So you would think. But what if the things do not go that well…

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Appliance Buyer’s Guide

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The Holiday season has started, and with it hot holiday appliance sales deals. If you were considering to eventually replace your appliances – now it is a good time. As experienced appliance repair pros, we can only say that choosing the right appliances that will work well for your busy life is the key to their good service for many years to come.

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Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?

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Ahead of the holiday season, as experienced appliance repair experts we would like this time for you to turn our attention to ovens. You would not want to have all family gathered for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and realize in the middle of cooking that your stove needs repair. It is this time of the year that we receive the phone calls for oven repair, often when it is too late for the holiday meal not to be affected.

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Samsung Oven Error Codes


For kitchens big or small, new or old, Samsung ovens are definitely a popular choice. While they are known for their features and durability, sometimes, there might be some internal problems that are tough to spot. Since the oven is connected to the overall range, problems with the cooktop may also affect your oven.

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Maytag Oven Error Codes

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Anytime an oven error code shows on your digital display screen, it can cause alarm and stress. Codes appear to inform you that something is not working as it should on your Maytag appliance. Because the display screen is too small to detail exactly what is wrong with your Maytag oven, codes are used.

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