Reasons Why Your Washer Stops Spinning

When your washing machine is not spinning, excess water is not removed from your laundry. This can quickly add delays and frustration to your daily routines. If your washing machine spin cycle is not working, fear not. There are several reason why this could happen. Many are easy to fix and are not caused by mechanical issues.


There are several reasons why your washer won’t spin. Most are easy to resolve and are not caused by a mechanical issue with your appliance. If your washer will not spin, the most common causes are:

Load Imbalance

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If your laundry load is off balance, your washing machine won’t spin and the machine will stop working. This is commonly seen in top loading machines to prevent further damage to the mechanical parts.

If heavy items or bigger loads are placed in the machine, the laundered items can shift unevenly in the drum created an uneven distribution of weight. While some top loading machines are made to automatically self-adjust to an imbalance of laundry loads, other washers won’t spin until the load is evenly redistributed in the drum.

If your washer is not spinning, open the door to check for a load imbalance. Redistribute the laundered items evenly throughout the drum then close the door and restart your machine. If a load imbalance is the reason why your washing machine is not spinning, your machine should work when you restart it.

Clogged Drain Trap

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Front load washers have drain traps to collect any lint or other debris that comes off your laundry while it is washing. If the drain trap is clogged, your front load washer won’t spin. This problem can be fixed by cleaning the drain trap.

Every machine is different so check your owner’s manual for instructions on removing and cleaning your drain trap when your washing machine won’t spin. However, most machines have the traps located at the bottom of the front load door. Turn the cap counter clockwise to open and remove the trap. Have a cup or bucket ready to catch any water that may still be in the trap. Once the trap is opened, remove all the debris before replacing the trap back into your machine. Turn the cap clockwise to make sure it is securely in place then restart your washer.

Drive Belt

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If the drive belt in your front or top load washer is too worn and needs to be replaced, your washer won’t spin. Because this is a mechanical issue, an appliance expert will need to be called to service your machine.

At iFix Appliance Repair, our professional technicians will replace your drive belt and do a thorough inspection of your washing machine to make sure there are no other issues that could result in your washing machine spin cycle not working.

At iFix Appliance Repair, we provide same day service at competitive rates. When your washer won’t spin, contact us immediately for all your washing machine repairs.