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New Apliance Setup -Do it Right to Avoid Repair!

The holiday season is traditionally a great time to buy appliances if it came to a point that you need new appliances. After pulling all the finds together you take advantage of the Boxing week sales, especially in Toronto, and having the bright and shiny new appliances delivered to your home hope that you will not need to deal with any appliance-related problems or repair anymore. Continue reading

Appliance Buying Guide

choosing right appliances for your home

The Holiday season has started, and with it hot holiday appliance sales deals. If you were considering to eventually replace your appliances – now it is a good time. As experienced appliance repair pros, we can only say that choosing the right appliances that will work well for your busy life is the key to their good service for many years to come. Continue reading

Household Appliance Odor Control Tips

In our usual day to day life, we even don’t notice how appliance work. They are designed to add minimum noise pollution level, let alone anything else. Ideally, you should press the button and get the job done effortlessly.

We want to think very little about regular appliance maintenance. In every appliance manual, you can find clear instructions about cleaning, but who has time for a clean cycle. This is how trouble begins…

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The Secrets of Appliance Repair.

Appliance repair seems to be straightforward but are there industry secrets that you are missing out on? We have been in the industry long enough and it has been another great month for us – so we have decided to share some appliance repair secrets with you here.  It is just some things that we are running into over the years that are, indeed easily preventable. Continue reading

Extended Warranty – Is it Worth It?

After you buy a single unit of getting a package deal on your appliances – in the store you are always offered an extended warranty. But do you really need it? As a company that specializes in appliance repair we are often asked this question, but obviously at a later stage when the decision is already made. Continue reading

10 Things you Need to Know About Your Appliances

appliance repair in Richmond hill

Everyone has appliances in their home, but how well do you know them? If you keep them well maintained and follow these simple rules it will help to save you a lot of money on repair and will help them last longer. As everything else your appliances just need a bit more attention to do a better job serving you.

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Is Your Oven Ready for the Holidays?

stove repairs

Ahead of the holiday season, as experienced appliance repair experts we would like this time for you to turn our attention to ovens. You would not want to have all family gathered for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and realize in the middle of cooking that your stove needs repair. It is this time of the year that we receive the phone calls for oven repair, often when it is too late for the holiday meal not to be affected.

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Regular Appliance Maintenance – More Care Less Repair

Appliance maintenance in Toronto

How to extend the life of your appliances

Your appliances work probably as hard as you do. And as with people – with appliances, a little care goes a long way. It is true that when you are taking that extra step your appliances will require less fixing and serve you much longer trouble free.  After all, appliances are too much of an investment not to want to extend its lifespan.

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Appliance Repair – DIY or Not?

DIY appliance repair

In our day and age when you can simply go on youtube or DIY appliance repair blog and browse through tutorials and look up how to fix pretty much anything, it is very important to understand what you CAN do and where it is best to trust the professionals. Although, it seems easy when a professional demonstrator does it on screen, but how far can you actually go yourself?
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