How Much Is An “Affordable Appliance Repair”?

Find out more about affordable appliance repairs and what to expect when maintaining your appliances.

The chances are that if you have a home then you own multiple appliances to help with your everyday life. Granted, appliances are a large investment that will only become more costly as your microwaves and dryers age. An affordable appliance repair relies on more than just the service fee. The following tips can help you gauge how much your appliance repair might cost you.

What Will It Cost to Repair an Appliance?

Evidently, appliances are a large investment. They can become increasingly costly when they are in need of a repair or to be replaced. Small appliances such as microwaves should last 10 years while larger appliances like stoves cost more because of the regular maintenance needed.

Appliances can be costly to purchase, and even more so to replace. Home Advisor claims that the average costs of appliance repairs range at $170. Many even spend upwards to $500, which is not necessarily an affordable appliance repair.

Plus, appliance repairs are often charged by the hour and will cost more due to additional fees such as:

  • Parts
  • Labour
  • Service Fee

Other Appliance Repair Price Factors

Affordable appliance repair depends on other external factors. Additionally, put the he following aspects into consideration.

  • Gas or Electric: Gas stoves, fire places and fridges are more expensive to fix than electric ones. Gas carries a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaks and fires if not properly fixed. Therefore the price is more expensive. Electric costs more power, but repair is easier.
  • Accessibility: If your appliance is easier to reach, it could cost you less. You’ll also save money if your appliances’ wiring is straightforward and accessible.
  • Parts: If your appliance is older or a rare model, the price increases as the needed parts become harder to find. New part prices could span from $20 to $200!

Small repairs such as microwaves, dishwashers and garbage disposals will vary in price depending on the necessary parts. Most of the time smaller appliances are best replaced as their repair costs often match that of a new appliance.

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