Appliance Repair – DIY or Not?

In our day and age when you can simply go on Youtube or DIY appliance repair blog and browse through tutorials and look up how to fix pretty much anything, it is very important to understand what you CAN do and where it is best to trust the professionals. Although, it seems easy when a professional demonstrator does it on screen, but how far can you actually go yourself?

Refrigerator Repair

The reason why we want to cover this issue in our today’s post that we receive a growing number of appliance repair calls that are actually DIY appliance repairs gone wrong, and often causing more damage to the appliance than the original malfunction. Before you open up your broken appliance consider this:

  1. Do you have all the necessary tools for your DIY appliance repair project?
  2. Once you discover the malfunction – how fast can you get the replacement part (i.e. how long the appliance will be out of commission)?
  3. Opening the casing of the appliance yourself you void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Is it your particular make and model shown on appliance repair DIY tutorial, or just a similar one? The details may vary drastically from model to model.
  5. The online video presentations are done by experienced professionals, often, licensed and certified, what looks easy in their expert hands might not be as easy in reality.
  6. If the malfunction deals with electric part – we would simply advise against it – as in most appliances (except stove, oven, and dryers) water is used and, as you know, water and electricity do not mix.   
  7. More and more repairs now deal with electronic panels, as opposed to mechanical problems, so you will have to be equipped with the proper diagnostic tools to identify the problem.   
  8. Unplug and clean the unit before undertaking any kind of DIY appliance repairs!
  9. Do not force any appliance or parts in position – if it is not going there smoothly, probably it is a good idea to call us.
  10. Consider your practical repair experience, and be realistic about your skills! If you have never fixed anything before and are planning to replace a motor, most likely you will face problems.

While we encourage to inspect your appliance carefully before calling us and report an appliance malfunction, and actually, more details will help us to fix it faster, please use caution when venturing out into fixing it yourself. If you are stuck in the process of your DIY appliance repair, because you need a part, or things do not go back as smoothly as they were supposed to,  and you end up with extra parts, call us for professional help.    

Every time your appliance malfunctions or breaks you are faced with the question – is it worth repairing yourself, calling a professional appliance repair technician or it is easier to replace?

The rule of thumb, when it comes to appliance repair is:

  • If it is a minor mechanical issue you are safe to fix it yourself
  • Electrical parts and major units – such as a motor, are best left to professional certified repair technicians.

While you maybe are looking for an excuse to get a new bright and shiny unit with upgraded features, our recommendations are always based on the rational approach – in most cases fixing a part for 200- 400 $ makes more sense than buying brand-new appliance for 1400 and up. Not to mention that when you walk into a great appliance retail store you will be encouraged to take advantage of the deal combining various appliances to replace the ones in your home that are still in good working condition and end up spending thousands of dollars in the end. And the truth is, there are no absolute guarantees that the brand new piece will be problem free.

If you need a reliable advice on your appliance lifespan prospects after repair we will gladly discuss that with you. We will help you to save money on your appliance maintenance, with your budget in mind. Contact us to book same day appliance repair appointment.