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Smart Appliances Repair

smart fridge appliance with a smartphone app

For decades appliances just kept a low profile in our homes. They did what they exactly were expected to do – dishwashers – washed our dishes, fridges kept our food fresh, stoves helped us to cook delicious meals. They looked ok, saved a bit of energy and we were hoping they will not require too much repair too soon. At best they were expected to grow old without extra attention and added repair expense.

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Icemaker in Your Fridge Door – Yes or No?

Image of a girl using a fridge ice dispenser

Summer is coming – that means much more entertaining at home, more backyard parties, more BBQs. At this time icemaker in your fridge door can not be underestimated. With an easy press of a button, you can get fresh crushed ice in your drink right at your fridge. No dangerous ice picks or ice – cube mess!

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GE Oven Error Codes


Summer is a good time to look at your oven performance and tuning. You can easily pause your in-kitchen cooking for barbecue if repairs or parts replacements are needed.

General Electric ovens is one of the company’s most advanced divisions boasting a wide range of models. Whether it is induction, electric or gas, they are also equipped with sophisticated electronic control panels. This feature helps not only to achieve precise temperature for cooking but also to troubleshoot problems and malfunctions.

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Whirlpool Washer Error Codes

Image of a washer machine

Globally, Whirlpool washers have been trusted by many homes. But even the best machines have some troubles sometimes. That is when they show ‘error codes’ that help you diagnose the actual problem with the washer. To find the error codes for your specific model, you can read the Owners Manual that came along with your washer. Here are the common error codes, their meanings and their solutions.

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