Icemaker in Your Fridge Door – Yes or No?

Summer is coming – that means much more entertaining at home, more backyard parties, more BBQs. At this time icemaker in your fridge door can not be underestimated. With an easy press of a button, you can get fresh crushed ice in your drink right at your fridge. No dangerous ice picks or ice – cube mess!

In fact, for most of the fridge manufacturers of models with french doors and bottom freezer or fully vertical doors – this feature has become a must. Although it does add up a few hundred dollars to the cost of the unit, consumers seem to like it for convenience.

refrigerator ice maker repair

Ice dispensers – top features to look for:

  • The right ice volume production for your needs Child lock and dispenser lock, if you have small kids
  • Ice dispenser deep enough to fit a glass (now there are models designed to fit pitchers too)
  • Sparkling water option by Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4
  • Accelerated Ice feature – in Whirlpool refrigerator models
  • Child lock and dispenser lock, if you have small kids
  • Ice dispenser deep enough to fit a glass (now there are models designed to fit pitchers too)
  • Sparkling water option by Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4
  • Accelerated Ice feature – in Whirlpool refrigerator models

Things to consider before you buy a fridge with icemaker.

Statistically, ice makers are number one component of household appliances that requires repairs. We are not trying to talk you out of buying the fridge with this convenient feature, but wanted to let you know what to expect.

What causes fridge ice maker breakdowns?

The city water lines contain impurities that cause water supply line and parts scaling.The water filter needs regular maintenance and replacements.

The fridge ice maker also contains a motor and ice blower fan and water fill valve that are as vulnerable as any moving parts. Another set of problems may arise from malfunctioning thermostat and temperature regulation block.

  • Some refrigerator models with through the door ice dispenser might require professional plumber assistance at installation to run the water line.
  • You might need to install an additional water filter within your fridge, depending on the water quality in your area.
  • Ice maker does take up extra space in your fridge, that may be crucial for smaller models.
  • Ice makers in fridges consume more energy, about 30 % of total fridge power consumption
  • If you have little or no food in the section of the fridge where the icemaker is, the ice production speed may slow down.
  • If you do not use ice for a long period of time, there is a chance the ice cubes will start fusing together and absorb the smell from the fridge.
  • Fridge ice makers are vulnerable during power outages.

How do I maintain ice dispenser In my fridge?

refrigerator repair
  • Replace the water filter once or twice a year, depending on water quality
  • Inspect the water line for leaks
  • Clean the dispenser (shut down water supply and empty out ice cubes)
  • Watch out for broken parts (such as the tray fill tube)
  • Watch out for ice dispense related error codes

Watch for these signs – they are an indication that your ice maker needs attention:

  • low production of ice
  • smaller than normal ice cubes
  • soft or cloudy ice
  • fused ice
  • water buildup
  • ice with a bad taste or odor

Troubleshooting Common Fridge Ice Maker Malfunctions

The Icemaker does not make ice

Ensure that bail wire is in the down position, in the upper position the icemaker shuts off. If you see the arm swing and all the components activated, but the water is not coming in – check the water supply line. Disconnect it from the refrigerator, put the disconnected end in the bucket and see if the water is coming out of it. Check the tap valve, connecting water supply to the water pipe. Another cause might be related to solenoid, unplug the fridge and check it for damages, or wiring problems.

Icemaker does not eject ice

If you see that the ice maker makes ice, but simply fails to eject it, first check if anything simply blocks the mechanism. If that is not the case, the problem must be with the motor itself.

The ice freezes in solid block and can not be dispensed properly

This problem is usually caused by failed heater coil or its wiring. The coil is responsible to heat up the cubes, so that they can slide out from the mold easily.

Icemaker does not work after power outage.

Ice Makers are extremely sensitive to power outages. You have to make sure you do restart it properly. Depending on how long the power outage lasted, the ice could have melted and froze back, if the power came back since.

Newer refrigerators do get smarter, but ice blockage after a long power outage may still disrupt the work of your ice maker. Check the water line at the back of the fridge. Check the important components for ice. Defrost and clean the icemaker.

Another issue may be that you fridge did not cool down yet after the outage. Give it at least 24 hours to reach the required temperature again.

There could be also electrical issues, when voltage spike would damage electrical parts or wiring.

Repairing built-in icemaker or dispenser is a complex task. If you are experiencing problems with your icemaker and the troubleshooting mentioned above does not help, please contact experienced ice machine repair technicians for advice on quick and high quality repair.