Common Appliances Problems

Here are some common appliances problems and their telltale signs.

Whether the stove light wont turn on or your washing machine is leaking water, it is often easy to tell when your appliances are experiencing issues. However, others are not as easily determined. Consult the following list to understand common appliances problems and how they can be fixed.

oven repair

Common Stove Problems

Problem Urgency: 4/5 

Problem: Electric Stove Won’t Heat.

How to fix:  If the issue is with one burner, then examine the heating coil and the connection. Don’t forget to turn off the stove when doing so! If the coil is undimmed then swap it for another coil or the same size one to see whether the issue is with the coil or the connection.
However, if the issue is all of the burners then it like likely an electrical issue. If your stove has a digital clock but is not displaying the time, or even if the oven light won’t go on, then it’s not connected to power. Instead, test the outlet as it could be a blown fuse.

Problem: Gas stove wont light.

How to fix: This is an extremely common issue. The stove should make a ‘click’ sound repeatedly if the power is on and the stove dial is set to light. If there is no visible flame then you should be able to smell gas. If there is no tick, then you have a defective ignition switch. If you can’t smell the gas then there is an issue with low flow.

Problem: Electric stove wont adjust heat.

How to fix: This common appliances issues leads to the invite switch connected to the dial. This regulates power levels. So, if you’re experiencing issues, it should be replaced.

refrigerator repair

Refrigerator Common Problems

Problem Urgency: 4/5

Problem: Fridge not cooling.

How to fix: In this case, the condenser coils could be dirty. They dissipate heat as refrigerant goes through them. If the coils are dirty then they won’t dissipate the heat effectively. As more debris builds up, the fridge becomes less efficient. Give them a good clean!

Problem: Fridge leaking water.

How To Fix: This could mean a clogged or freezing defrost drain. If the defrost drain is frozen then water will overflow the drain trough and drip to the bottom and onto the floor. Check to see if the defrost drain is clogged or frozen.

Likewise, inspect the water tank assembly for any leaks. The leak may be very small and hard to find. If you discover one, replace the water tank. Any attempts at repair will not properly work.

dishwasher repair

Dishwasher Common Problems

Urgency: 2/5

Problem: Dishwasher is noisy

How to fix it: If your quiet appliance is making all sorts of sounds, it could indicate a problem. It could mean the pump is defective or that the spray arms aren’t turning properly and are hitting the rack or dishes.
Pumps and wash arm seals are recommended to be replaced depending on the issue.

Problem: It won’t fill with water, or it won’t stop filling up.

How to fix it: Take a look at the water inlet valve and consider replacing it. Also, check the float and the float switch. These parts inform the washer about the right amount go water.
A dishwasher that won’t stop filling up can be caused by a faulty float switch or a timer stuck on the ‘fill’ setting.

Problem: Dishwasher won’t start.

How to fix: Check the fuses and circuit breakers to ensure they are not broken. Also, check that the washer is plugged in and functioning.

Dishwasher that won’t start could be because of a door latch. If the dishwasher door isn’t closed, it won’t start. However, is this isn’t the issue then inspect the electronic control or timer.

washer repair

Washing Machine Common Problems

Problem Urgency: 2/5

Problem: Washer won’t drain.

How to fix: Oftentimes small objects or clothing can get caught in the drain pump. Remove the drain pump and check to ensure nothing is blocking it. If it’s clear but still loud, then consider replacing the pump.

Problem: Washer leaking water.

How to fix: The drain pump pumps water out of the drain hose. If the drain pump is cracked or damaged then the pump may leak water. A drain pump is not repairable so it must be replaced.

Likewise, the tub seal could be torn causing it to leak water. If so, water may leak through the seal and into the bearings and causing them to fail. So, it is recommended to replace both the tub seal and the bearings. This is a complicated repair and will require a technician.

Problem: Washer won’t spin.

How to fix: Inspect the drive belt to see if it’s broken or it it’s loose on the pulleys. If loose or broken, replace it. The lid switch assembly prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If the switch fails then the washer will not spin.

In this case, check using a multimeter to test the lid switch for continuity. Then, replace it.

dryer repair

Dryer Common Problems

Problem Urgency: 3/5

Problem: Drum spins but no heat.

How to fix: This is likely caused by a bad fuse. Take the back panel off the appliance to gain access to the thermal fuse. Then, unplug the wires from the terminus and pull out the fuse to check the break. If broken, replace it with an identical fuse.

Problem: Dryer won’t work at all.

How to fix: There are numerous reasons as to why this could be:

  • Power is off: Check the voltage at the outlet with the VOM. If no power is reaching the appliance, then check your breaker or fuse box and ensure nothing has blown. If everything is working, then your outlet may need to be replaced.
  • Bad Terminal Block: Remove the power cord and access the panel. Use the multimeter to check for voyage at the terminal block.

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