Noisy Fridge? Here Are 6 Steps to Fix It

Do you have a noisy fridge? Is your refrigerator buzzing or rattling and disturbing your home? It’s time to take a closer look into the exact issue because it could be a serious problem. The appliance experts at I-Fix Appliance Repair have put together this handy guide for investigating your noisy refrigerator.

Possible Issues With A Noisy Fridge

To start, you must identify where exactly the noise is coming from. Is it coming from inside or outside the refrigerator? Is it coming from the back or bottom? By identifying the origins of the noise, you can likely figure out which part needs fixing or replacing.

This guide will help you identify and come up with a plan to fix each possible fridge problem. Always be sure to unplug your appliance before doing any repairs or cleaning. If you want a professional to step in, the experts at I-Fix Appliance Repair are just a phone call or email away.

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Drain Pan

If loud noises are coming from the bottom of your fridge, it could be that the drain pan is loose. This is one of the easiest repairs to make on your own. Simply secure the pan back to its original spot by tightening the existing screws. It shouldn’t be long before you are back to enjoying a quiet kitchen.

Faulty Defrost Timer

If you think that you’re hearing scraping or ticking sounds, the source of the problem might be a faulty defrost timer. To verify this, check the fridge and freezer for frost buildup. Another sign that you have big issues, is if your fridge makes those noises once or twice a day for about an hour at a time. If your defrost timer needs replacing, it’s time to call a certified and licensed appliance repair specialist.

Condenser Fan

Loud noises from the back of the fridge could also mean a problem with your unit’s condenser fan. Not all fridges have them, but when they do, you’ll have to open an access panel on the back of the fridge to inspect it. After unplugging the fridge, look carefully at the fan for any worn-out parts. You can use a brush to gently sweep away debris and dirt that could be preventing the fan from functioning properly. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to further investigate your noisy fridge.

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Evaporator Fan

If you hear a bad noise coming from inside your fridge, it’s likely a failure of the evaporator fan. To see if that’s the case, you simply push in the light switch located in the freezer. If the fan is your issue, the noise will get more intense. So, now it’s time to look at the fan for damage. The evaporator fan can be accessed behind a panel at the back of the freezer. After you unplug the fridge, spin the fan by hand to see if it turns without resistance. Look at other surrounding parts for signs of wear and tear. If you find it difficult to turn the fan or you notice other signs of damage, you might need to replace the fan and other parts nearby.

Refrigerator Compressor Noise

One of the most common culprits of refrigerator noise from the back of the unit is the compressor. To investigate this issue, just unplug your fridge and plug it back in. If the noise persists, then the compressor is likely the problem. We do not recommend a DIY repair when it comes to a noisy compressor. This is another time when you should call one of our specialists at I-Fix Appliance Repair.

Get A Professional For Further Assistance

Don’t let yourself get frustrated by a noisy fridge. If you can’t figure out what’s causing the issue, call or email I-Fix Appliance Repair to schedule a free consultation. We’ll send one of our experienced appliance repair experts to your home right away!