Solved! Why Is My Dryer Making Squeaking Noise?

There’s nothing worse than going through several loads of laundry and being subjected to those irritating squeaking noises coming from your dryer! If you’re like most homeowners, you probably want to know how to stop a squeaky dryer as soon as possible. In this article, we will analyze what exactly causes a dryer to start squeaking and how you can fix your squeaky dryer quickly and cheaply.

How Do You Find The Causes Of A Squeaky Dryer?

We are about to reveal professional dryer repair knowledge that some of the pros use to diagnose and repair squeaky dryer issues for homeowners all over the GTA. Read carefully and you’ll be able to quickly fix that squeaky dryer.

1. Grab Your Tools

Dryer repair requires a simple set of tools to help access the dryer’s insides. Besides a screwdriver, another couple of great tools to have on hand include a pair of pliers and a clamp which will allow you to test various parts around the dryer’s motor. You’ll also require a wrench to detach various parts. Here’s a more detailed list of the tools that may come in handy during your dryer repair:

dryer squeaking
  • Spackle Knife
  • Clamps
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pliers

2. Cut The Power

You should never attempt to fix a squeaky dryer until you unplug the dryer from its power source. Opening up the dryer exposes many of the machine’s electrical components which could be very dangerous or even fatal if touched while the dryer is still live. Dryer’s connect to your home’s power using a heavy-duty 220v outlet, so we recommend wearing some rubber gloves to protect you from any residual charge.

3. Make It More Accessible

Whenever you’re working on an appliance, it’s good to have lots of space and light to move around. You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you take a few moments to drag your dryer out into an open area away from the wall. Repairing your squeaky dryer and replacing any parts will require a lot more space than you think.

4. Time To Open Up

This is where your spackle knife comes in. Use this tool to gently pry open the dryer’s lid. Once the lid is up a little bit, you should have access to the two clips that hold the lid in place. Again, use your spackle knife, this time pushing the clips to either side. Once the lid is taken off, you can use your Philips screwdriver to remove the lid and lint trap, which will make it much easier to reach the various parts of the dryer.

5. Search For Damaged And/Or Missing Parts

Once you have gained access to the insides of the dryer, it’s time to examine each component to determine what is exactly causing that squeaking noise.

What Causes A Dryer To Squeak While It’s Running?

Those screeching, scraping, and squeaking noises coming from your dryer can have several root causes including an old motor, worn out or missing glide bearings, an old or defective dryer belt, and even a loose idler. Let’s take a look at each of these components more closely so you can determine if any of these parts are causing your dryer to squeak.

i-fix appliance repair technician fixing a dryer in toronto

Glide Bearings

On the edge of the tub are glide bearings and in a perfect world, they keep the tub of your dryer quiet as this is the part of the dryer that is constantly moving during operation. If your glide bearings have started to wear down or have fallen off completely, you’ve lost that buffer between the tub and other parts of the machine. If any of these bearings fail, you might start hearing a scraping sound caused by metal or plastic parts. If this is the cause of your squeaky dryer, you’re somewhat lucky, because glide bearings are very simple and affordable to replace.

dryer making loud screeching noise

Dryer Belt

Every dryer tub has a rubber belt that wraps around the outside. This dryer belt is directly connected to the motor and is held in place by mounting screws and wires that are supposed to keep it nice and close to the outside of the dryer tub. If the belt is loose for any reason, this could easily be the cause of your squeaky dryer. If this is the case, you should replace your dryer belt at your earliest convenience.

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Idler Pulley

In a dryer, the idler pulley is what connects the dryer belt to the motor. This particular part works very hard to operate your dryer, so it can become broken and loose as the years go on. This is another very common cause of a squeaky dryer, but again, the idler pulley can easily be replaced to stop the squeaking noise right away.

dryer repaired on top of washer in a laundry room - squeaky dryer fix

Dryer Motor

If your dryer is making not only squeaking but grinding sounds too, and they’re coming from the back of the dryer, it might be an issue with your dryer’s motor or bad bearings. You should make an effort to fix this issue as soon as possible because grinding bearings can break your motor leading to an even more expensive fix. After unplugging the dryer, you can open the machine to check. It may be that the bearings should be replaced or just need to be lubricated. However, there is lots of wiring and other components involved with a motor. If your required repair gets to this stage, it may be time to call in a professional.

So How Do You Fix A Squeaky Dryer?

Did you determine which part is causing your dryer to squeak? Perfect! But there is still lots of work to do. Aside from tracking down the replacement parts, you also have to install them correctly. Don’t get discouraged. For a beginner, these jobs could be very time-consuming. Let’s take a closer look at each component and how to replace it.

Glide Bearings

The dryer drum will start banging against the sides of the appliance if the glide bearings are worn down or missing. These are usually fabs made from plastic or fabric that are attached to the edge of the dryer drum and if they aren’t all in good condition, it’s time to replace one or all of them.

dryer making squeaking noise

The entire tub of the dryer needs to be pulled out before you can access the glide bearings. After you have removed the dryer drum from the main body of the machine, it’s easiest to place the tub on the ground. Then, you’ll grab a pair of pliers and use them to remove the bearings from their respective holes.

Dryer Belt

In this case, you’ll need to pop off the top lid of the dryer. Once the insides of the machine are exposed, you should be able to observe the dryer belt wrapped around the outside of the dryer tub. This component is directly attached to the motor and if it looks loose at all, it’s likely the cause of your squeaking and will need to be swapped out.

why is my dryer squeaking

Removing the dryer belt is as simple as unhooking the wires holding the belt and loosening the mounting screws. Your new belt can be used with the original mounting screws and wires as long as you can ensure a tight and secure fit around the dryer tub.

Idler Pulley

dryer repair in progress toronto

One of the dryer components which takes the most strain is the idler pulley. This constant movement can cause the idler pulley to loosen or even break apart. If you observe that the pulley is loose, simply use a screwdriver to tighten it again. You’ll need to replace the pulley if you give the wheel a spin and it sounds like the squeak is coming from the inside.

Is it Safe To Operate A Squeaky Dryer?

Not having access to your dryer can be a real pain when you need to get some laundry done, so can you keep running it even though it’s squeaking? You’re best off trying to identify what’s causing the issue as quickly as possible because squeaking sounds are not simply side effects of normal wear and tear. Before you go ahead taking your dryer apart, ensure that it’s not the floor squeaking underneath the dryer! Trust us, this happens sometimes. If you’ve ruled out the floor, then you can examine the dryer to determine if the squeaking is coming from the back, front, top, or bottom of your appliance.

Hire A Professional

So many families depend on their appliances to keep their homes running smoothly, so you can’t afford to go days without access to a clothes dryer! If your dryer is making a squeaking noise, contact the experienced technicians at I-Fix Appliance Repair. We’ve helped thousands of customers across the Greater Toronto Area, providing same-day repairs at reasonable prices. We will always give our customers an honest estimate before the work even begins. Our fully licensed and insured crews work on all models of dryers. We carry many of the parts on our trucks so we can get the job done as fast and as safely as possible. Contact us at I-Fix Appliance Repair today for a free estimate and get your appliances back in action!