Help! Why is My Oven Not Heating Up?

Is your oven not heating up? It’s a real inconvenience considering that the oven is one of the most heavily used appliances in the home. And because of our dependence on the oven, certain parts are bound to wear out over time and require replacing. Thankfully, oven repair is simple in most cases. This article will explore a few reasons why your oven won’t heat up or why your oven isn’t getting to the correct temperature.

Oven Not Heating Up

If your oven isn’t heating up at all, there are several potential causes to explore. If your gas oven isn’t heating up, there could be an issue with your igniter. Try preheating the oven. You should hear the standard several clicks followed by the sound of the gas igniting. If you hear nothing, it’s probably time to replace the igniter. 

If you have an electric oven, your problems might be triggered by the oven element not working. It’s easy to check if this is the problem. Simply preheat the oven and visually inspect the elements on the top and bottom. If parts of the elements are not glowing red, it’s time to replace one or both elements.

Why Is My Oven Not Getting Up To Temperature?

Your oven might be having issues reaching the right temperature if your food is coming out undercooked or it’s taking a very long time to cook. There are a few possible causes to consider. 

It could be a matter of calibrating your oven’s temperature. You can test your oven’s temperature accuracy by preheating the appliance to 350°F and placing a thermometer inside. Take note of the temperature every 20 minutes over an hour to see what your average heat level is. If your average temperature is way below what you set the oven to, adjusting the oven’s temperature dial should correct the issue. 

You can also experience problems when the temperature sensor is touching the oven’s wall, rather than jutting out slightly into the open air of the oven. If the sensor is touching the wall, it can’t get an accurate reading of the oven’s internal temperature. You can manually adjust the sensor by pushing it away from the wall. If you’re still having heating issues, you can use an ohmmeter to ensure power is still running through the sensor. If there’s no power, replace the sensor. 

Oven Not Cooking Evenly

Have you noticed that your oven isn’t cooking food evenly? It might not be a technical problem! Instead, it could be that you’re simply not using the oven racks correctly or you’re using the wrong types of cookware to make your meals. For example, look at your baking pans. Are they really old and covered in grease? Cookware is supposed to reflect light and heat to amplify the cooking process, so a good cleaning may improve your cooking quality. Also, try experimenting with the position of the racks and where you’re placing the food, such as the front or back of the oven. 

If your food still isn’t cooking evenly, it could be an issue with the heating element. To see if this is the case, preheat your oven and watch the oven heat up. If parts of the element are not visibly glowing red, it’s time to replace it.

Get Your Oven Fixed Today

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