Why Disposing Your Old Microwave Is Better Than Getting A Repair

If you’re living in Toronto with a busted microwave, you can either toss it or repair it. We break down why throwing it out will save you money.

Similarly to other appliances, a microwave isn’t built to last forever. Opting for a repair instead of throwing it out could be the worst choice. When deciding which route to go, consider our tips.

Here are warning signs of a broken microwave:

  1. Snap, Crackle, Pop! If your microwave sounds like it’s going to explode, it just might. Signs of smoking, sparking or noticeable burning scents are your cue to cut the power and retire the appliance.
  2. Door Ajar! Uh oh, the door won’t fully close. Don’t try and get away with defrosting food when the door won’t shut. When using a microwave without a securely closed door, it leaks radiation which is unsafe for anyone in its proximity.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Of course, there is a variety of monitors and sensors that notify you when dangerous fumes are picked up in your home. Such products can alleviate your worries and keep you healthy by telling you when there’s an appliance issue. However, the longer you wait for a microwave repair in Toronto, the higher the risk is for your family’s health. Instead, replace it. Safety is more important than a microwaved meal.

Is Trashing it Cheaper Than A Repair?

Granted, when an appliance breaks your first instinct is to repair it. However, that isn’t always the best way. An article by HomeAdvisor says that getting a microwave repair in Toronto can generate a cost of $70 per hour, plus the price for parts. Total, you’d be looking to spend $100 to $150. This isn’t sufficient considering new a microwave costs around the same price, anyway.

Nowadays, a microwave is a relatively inexpensive appliance. By buying a new one, you are being more economical as you aren’t spending money on parts and labour costs necessary to repair one. So, refrain from getting a microwave repair and purchase a new one in Toronto. It will cost around the same price, and also last you much longer.

i-Fix Appliances values your safety and wants you to get the best service for your money. We suggest always opting to purchase a new microwave instead of paying for a repair in Toronto. For larger appliances, such as stoves or washers, we promise to save you money. To book a repair, contact us!

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