10 Things You Need to Know About Your Appliances

Everyone has appliances in their home, but how well do you know them? If you keep them well maintained and follow these simple rules it will help to save you a lot of money on repair and will help them last longer. As everything else your appliances just need a bit more attention to do a better job serving you.

How to Save Money on Appliances in the Long Term?
washer repair

As experienced appliance repair technicians, we often see that a few extra minutes spent in basic cleanup and maintenance and go a long way.

  1. When you buy appliances – choose the ones that fit best for the job. You know your daily loads of laundry and dishes better than anyone – choose appliances that are up to the task, or you will end up overloading a dishwasher, run your fridge on empty, or using your dryer beyond the capacity.
  2. Calibrate your oven temperature when you buy it. Thinking you are not that great at baking, and now that you are using your new oven things did not get better? Half of your pie comes out burned and half undercooked. Check the oven calibration – a little adjustment might rescue your reputation
  3. Have a front loading washer? Dry it, especially the rubber door seal after every use and leave the door and tray open to prevent mold from growing.
  4. Leaving for a vacation? Run a clean cycle on your dishwasher and leave the door open to prevent unpleasant smell and bacteria growth.

Empty your dryer lint tray every time you use the dryer. This little thing can really go a long way – and prevent the lint from being sucked into the engine and get in touch with electric wiring. It may cause fire if you leave it without attention.

  1. Rinse your dishes before putting in the dishwasher. Yes, we know the dishwashers are designed to relieve you from this boring task. But chunks of food and excess of grease can damage the moving parts and block the water runoff.
  2. Move out the fridge once in a few months and dust it behind and underneath. Remove all the objects that get trapped underneath – the condenser coils that run there need unobstructed air flow.
  3. Any unusual noise coming from your appliances? Do pay attention and call a technician for a brief inspection. All that might be needed now is a small adjustment, but with time if left unattended it might turn into a big problem.
  4. Wondering about that socks disappearing in dryer dilemma? Yes, the small objects get sucked in and make their way beyond the drum. Once in at least 3 years to call a technician for professional cleaning. The whole unit needs to be taken apart, vacuumed and put back together. This simple measure will ensure that it will deserve longer and might prevent fire in the long run.
When you take a better care of your appliances they will serve you longer and will do a better job helping you. But when things do go wrong and you will need a professional help call us or book an appointment for reliable and prompt service.

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