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Has your refrigerator stopped working, or you suspect that it is not holding the temperature well anymore? Whether it is the a major problem, or smaller malfunction, it does affect the quality of your life and has to be taken care of as soon as possible. That is why at I-fix Appliances we offer flexible same day service technician appointments and will take care of the problem on the spot whenever possible.

Common Refrigerator malfunctions:

  • Compressor motor issue
  • Leaking water or coolant
  • Not draining properly
  • Noisy motor & excessive vibration
  • The motor seems to keep running constantly
  • The doors do not seal properly

As much as you can eliminate some of the problems by regular cleaning and refrigerator maintenance, such as:

  • regular cleaning including condenser coils
  • keeping it balanced and fair distance from the wall allowing the air to circulate
  • Not over and under stuffing your refrigerator

Not all refrigerator malfunctions are preventable

We do have most common spare parts on hand, and a great leverage in ordering the specific parts from specific manufacturers. We also work based on transparent quoting system.

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Is your Dishwasher not draining water properly, or stopped working altogether? To us at I-fix appliances your convenience is important – that is why we make it a priority to offer same day dishwasher service repair appointments in Toronto.

Right there on the spot we will be able to identify the problem on the spot and repair it right away, as it happens in most cases. If we do need to order a spare part replacement, you will know exactly how much time it will take to get your dishwasher back on track.

Most common Dishwasher malfunctions that our clients call us about:

  • Dishwasher leaks water
  • Dishwasher does not clean or dry dishes properly
  • Washer arm is broken
  • Door does not latch properly

While, definitely, proper maintenance and following simple cleaning routine will help to eliminate some of the problems, malfunctions do happen. And when yit happens you do need fast and reliable repair service.

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You rely on washers almost every day to do your laundry, but what to do if it is broken? We know that living in Toronto is very hectic and it is, sometimes, difficult even to find time for a repair appointment.

Not to worry – we at I-Fix Appliances understand that very well. Your convenience is at our heart We offer same day washer repairs in Toronto.

What are the Common Washer Malfunctions?

  • Washer machine leaking water
  • Excessive vibration and noise
  • Washer gets stuck on part of the cycle
  • Washing detergent wont’ dispense

Whether it is a front or top loading washer – we can fix it. We have experience working with all of the current and now discontinued brands available in the market. Most of the washer problems can be fixed on the spot without ordering inexpensive spare part. But if we need to – we do enjoy priority with the parts distributors.

If a replacement part for your washer repair needs to be ordered in, you will always know with us what to expect it. We pride ourselves in predictable and reliable service.

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Although some people skip household dryer altogether, at least for warm part of the year, most people enjoy the advantages – wrinkle- free and dry clothes and linens in as low as 40 minutes. With most of us doing laundry at least every other day – dryer is at the heart of the household chores. But what if it breaks down? You will immediately feel the impact – the laundry will keep piling up.

We know very well how easily a broken appliance, even dryer, can affect your life and that is why we offer Same Day Repair Service – and will do everything possible to foix it within the first appointment

Common dryer malfunctions:

  • Does not dry clothes properly
  • Excessive noise or vibration
  • Electronic panel is not working.

We fix dryers of all makes and models.

Our Special Professional Dryer Cleaning

More than that, we also offer Professional Dryer Cleaning. Even though you clean the lint tray regularly, but that simple procedure can give you a great clue on how much lint is getting trapped inside your dryer.

It poses a serious hazard not only not only risking wrapping up and breaking the rotating parts but posing direct fire hazard. Within just a few hours, on the schedule convenient for you we can easily eliminate that problem.

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Stove is one of the most essential household appliances, and your house simply can not continue to function when it breaks down. Not to mention that malfunctioning heating elements pose a serious fire hazard.

We offer same day Service and Repair Appointments in Toronto whatever the problem with your stove may be:

  • One or more heating elements not working
  • The oven heats unevenly (burning food on one side)
  • The temperature does not go up or down with knob rotation.

We fix all types of all stoves, ovens and ranges – gas, electric and induction. As most of the Stove malfunctions are reduced to the circuit board problem – the majority of problems can be eliminated during the first visit.

We pride ourselves in great diagnostics of malfunctions and offering quick and and efficient repair on the spot.

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Call an Appliance Repair Service Technician in Toronto

Most of household appliance malfunctions reveal themselves earlier. If you are doing laundry and notice excessive noise,  or the washing machine skipping a cycle, the cookies in the oven come out burnt on one side, or refrigerator is leaking – these are the signs that they do need to be checked by a professional technician.

restaurant stove repair

Most likely, you will ignore the early warning signs and hope that the problem will go away. But, the truth is, it won’t. More than that, it might turn into a more serious problem.

At I-Fix appliances we focus on professional and efficient appliance repair service in Toronto.

With so many clients juggling their work, business and busy daily life, it is important to deliver a high level of service on time within the budget that works for our clients.

The truth is, appliances, almost stay unnoticed when they work, but become a major problem when something goes wrong, whether it is a washer, dryer, stove or refrigerator. This is where the quality of our service becomes essential.

I- Fix Appliance – Professional Toronto Appliance Repair service

washer repair in a concord basement

With many years of service in Toronto, we have developed a very solid customer base – something which we are immensely grateful for! Some of our clients have already changed a few generations of their appliances, but hold on to our phone number.

And it is easy to see why: Providing same day repair and service for Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Oven, Stove, and Dishwasher problems,  we never forget about what is important to our clients.

We repair household appliances of all brands, makes, models and ages. Sometimes, we can find a quick fix even for discontinued ones.

We know that the age of your appliance might be a cause of concern but you don’t have to worry! Our technicians are fully equipped to diagnose and fix any problem, to any part, in any age appliance in Toronto.

Leave the troubleshooting to us! We know appliances like the back of our hands!

Do you see a sign that something might be wrong? A sound, an unexpected leak, a vibration, stronger than usual? Just call us and we will stop by the same day anywhere in Toronto.

What are the signs of a key appliance malfunction?

  • Your washer or dryer has already started making some weird noises. In the beginning, the appliance operates very quietly but now it’s making some unexpected noises.
  • Your oven or stove does not heat up to the desired temperature. If you ever start to notice that your stove is not functioning as it used to, it may be the time to call appliance repair technician to get it looked at.
Appliance Repair in Toronto
  • Your dishwasher is an older model. Like a car, with time, parts will start to break down, motors will show the wear and and any electric circuit board will start acting up.
  • You have to pay a really close attention if turning on an appliance blows a fuse. In this case, you have to call a technician, as this appliance malfunction becomes a fire hazard.
  • The washing machine is leaking. Even in new units, it’s very common that you might start to see leaks. This may be caused by something as little as a screw that has come loose, or a tube that hasn’t been properly secured, or in the worst case, it could be oil from the unit itself.  All of which is a very good reason to call an appliance repair technician before it turns into more serious problem.
  • The knobs on the stove are hard to turn. Underneath the knob that you’re turning, is a complex array of electrical circuits. It often happens that dust or water or, sometimes, grease can get inside the circuit board. When you start to notice that these knobs have trouble turning, do not force it. Contact professional appliance repair technician.
  • You notice that the washer has “walked”. This was commonplace in older appliances – the motor and mechanical parts come out of balance and the washer literally starts to move in any direction. In this case the washer needs to be balanced.

Most Common Reason of Appliance Breakage in Toronto

Generally, home appliances have been designed to last 10, 15, 20 years.  As even well-made appliances start to age, there are different problems that appear with time. If you keep ignoring the warning signs, it might turn into a bigger problem.

ifix serviceman dryer repair
Wear and tear

One of the most common reasons why your appliance breaks down is because it may have been overloaded well beyond its capacity.  There are some occasional days where we have an extremely large load of laundry to do, or extra dishes to wash, so we simply throw them in.

But if it continues on the regular basis, the extra load starts wearing out its parts. It will shorten the life of the unit itself considerably.

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Electric circuit

The second most common reason an appliance breaks down is because of the quality of the electrical power that enters your home. Your appliances may be exposed to power surges, that are not only happening in rural areas but downtown Toronto as well.

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Why Call an Appliance Repair Service Technician in Toronto?

It is always important to keep the contact of a reliable appliance service technician that will be available to repair your broken appliances at a moment’s notice. It is also crucial that you communicate as many details about your appliance malfunctions as possible. We service Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough and North York.

Reliable Same Day Appliance Repair Service Anywhere in Toronto

old model washer repair in a basement

And don’t leave it for the last minute; we will work with your schedule at your convenience. We want to make sure that you get your appliances bacon track quickly and for reasonable prices.

It is our absolute guarantee to you that whatever might be wrong with your appliance, we will be totally transparent in regards to cost and timing! You will know exactly how much time and money the appliance repair process will take, an we will honor our cost estimates!

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With 24-hour phone lines, we can also be there for all your emergency needs! If your midnight snack reveals a broken fridge, don’t hesitate to call – we can be at your door in no time, assessing the broken appliance and restoring it to its original state quickly and promptly.

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We make sure you have a smooth appliance repair experience, including the following:

  • Repair technician knows make and model beforehand
  • We have all the necessary parts available
  • We are available the same day to repair your malfunctioning appliance

You also want your appliance repair technician to be local to get faster to your home, whether it is Downtown Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, or North York.

Not Sure to Fix or Replace your Appliance?

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Give us a call anyway, go over the problems, we will know exactly how much it will cost to fix it. If we do see that buying new will save you money – we will be the first ones to tell you.

Do not delay if you suspect that your appliance is malfunctioning. Give us a call!

Most appliances show the signs of malfunction well in advance. You can easily hear it, see it or, even smell it. The truth is. as it happens with all minor problems, we choose to ignore it with our busy lives and hectic schedule. But appliances do not fix themselves.

What originally shows as a minor malfunction may end up being a major breakdown worth hundreds of dollars. We know you value your time & money, and so do we. Therefore, do not delay if you notice something wrong in an appliance. Just give us a call.

Why Choose I-Fix Appliance Repair in Toronto?

  • Experienced certified professional appliance service technicians
  • Service available 24/7 anywhere in Toronto
  • Flexible schedule
  • Accurate estimates
  • Cost-effective appliance repair solutions 
  • We service all makes and models of appliances, even the discontinued ones

If you are looking for a reliable, certified, insured appliance repair service technician in Toronto, make sure you give us a call!