How To Choose Kitchen Appliances

Whether you are renovating your entire kitchen space, or you are just deciding on a new stove, there is a lot to consider when choosing appliances to get your money’s worth.

Did you know that kitchen appliances are the second most costly component of a kitchen renovation? They are the investments that make up your entire cooking space, so it is best to do your homework first. Don’t worry, though! It is all broken down here in this checklist.

Planning the Plan

Proceed with caution when choosing your appliances. It is possible you will fall in love with a large stainless steel refrigerator, but expect to be clobbered with a matching price tag. That is why it is best to outline your purchase before jumping right in. Consider the following:

  • Budget: How much can you afford to, or are willing to spend? It is essential that you decide on a budget before looking into specifics. By limiting your spending habits, you can search for appliances and other products that fit within your bracket.
  • Goals: First, you should identify your goals and priorities of your kitchen appliances. It is best to know what is essential to your lifestyle. Then, have a clear vision of what your new kitchen will look like. This way you can match your aesthetic with your needs.

Do Your Appliance Research

Now that you have blueprint for your appliance purchases that include your desired prices, appliance priorities and the look you want most, it is time to dive deeper into specifics.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are extremely helpful in this sense. While you have selected what features and look you want, you can run a quick internet search with the keywords for your ideal purchases. Now, you can see what other homeowners are saying about the appliances you are looking into based on their personal experiences with it. What better way to understand an appliance than from someone who has it? Reviews may include efficiency, maintenance, price and such to help you decide whether it is a good investment for you and your home.

Money, Money, Money!

It is a given, price is a huge factor. But, when you give yourself time to make an appliance purchase, you are more likely to comparison shop. By checking online and in store, and comparing store prices, you will aid yourself in finding the best deals and making a smart choice.

Another quick tip is to time your renovation with the expiry date of your kitchen’s major appliances. With this, you will have more time to save money will getting the most out of your older appliances.


An appliance will need a repair at one point or the other. However, you can limit that number or crush it all together by choosing a reliable appliance. Through research, review checking, and just simple in-store shopping, you can explore various brands and their guarantees to efficiency that fit your budget and your style.

Likewise, appliance extras, such as ice machines on fridges, are elements that can result in more maintenance. Consider whether or not these little luxuries are absolutely essential to ensure you can save more money stead.

Looking Good!

In line with maintenance and prices, style and looks are just as important to home owners as functionality and saving money. Here are some style and appliance tips that will also help you keep some money in the bank.

  • Dispensers: As previously stated, they result in more breakage than not. So, get rid of ‘em! Consider a fridge without one to save you money on repairs.
  • Steel: Homeowners are loving stainless steel appliances for their kitchens. The finish is water and rust resistant and increases home value.
  • Gas Vs Electric: In the case of stoves, consider convenience and durability. Gas models cook food faster but cost more. Electric ones instead have a sleek cooktop for easy clean up, but are more prone to damage.
  • Neutrals: Stay stylish on a budget. Appliances in white, grey and beige shades are less expensive and will also stay in style throughout changing trends.

Smart Shopping

When shopping around for appliances, pay close attention to the yellow Energy Efficient report stickers that offer specifics on the appliance’s efficiency. Appliances account for 14% of energy usage and are #3 on hydro bills, so this could be critical in your appliance purchasing decisions.


During the lifecycle of your appliance, there still stands a possibility of premature failure or other kinds of issues. Purchasing a warranty plan that covers damages you don’t care about is a waste. Instead, opt for a flexible warranty plan that covers what you actually need. Another rule of thumb: consider the length of the warranty to ensure it covers a timeframe you are happy with.

Whether it be monthly or annual, the cost of an appliance is always on your mind. Keep in mind the deductible fee. If it is close to the cost of the actual appliance, a warranty plan could be the wrong choice.

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