To fix or replace your malfunctioning appliance?

In our busy time it is very important when everything in your house is running smoothly, and you can easily go about your chores complaining only about folding your laundry or coming up with yet another culinary masterpiece that all of your family will love. But what if your appliances suddenly stop working, or lose some of their important functions? Whether the fridge not cooling properly, the dishwasher not draining, the dryer not completing the cycle – it can wreck enough of havoc in your daily routines.  

In most of the cases no matter how desperate the damage looks it can be fixed by an expert which will help to avoid buying new, which can be costly. When our technicians at  I-FIX Appliance Repair come to visit they will be able to give you a detailed cost estimate of fixing the problem with your appliance with forecast of future performance which will help you to decide whether to keep it or replace.

Of course, sometimes the problem seems easy to solve enough yourself, but don’t forget once you unscrew the back panel  – you are losing the warranty that you may still have. Please keep in mind, a minor appliance malfunction might be a sign of a bigger problem that can easily spotted by a professional appliance repairman and if detected early enough might be eliminated with relative ease. Along with that we will be happy to give you the tips on how to optimize the operation of your appliance, and how to use and maintain them to minimize the part wear and tear.  

Whether it is a general problem such as “it makes funny noises” , or “the door is broken”  or very specific such as “stove burner does not work”,  or “detergent is not released during wash cycle” we will help to determine the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Dealing with all the major appliance brands on daily basis we know their weak spots and have some of the parts on hand or can get them really fast.