i-Fix Appliances: Tips for Cleaning Appliances

Get a brand-new sparkle with these easy appliance cleaning tips. Your kitchen appliances with look and preform even better when you show them some love. Each appliance is different and requires a certain procedure to help them do their best job. Fear not! Keeping up monthly with these quick-and-easy tips will have your kitchen looking great, and doing even better.

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Brace yourself when your check behind your fridge as it’s deemed the dirtiest spot in homes. It collects all of the dust and debris that have fallen behind it. When cleaning it, you should:

  • Pull out the fridge and clean up the mess, then follow up with a vacuum to clean the coils behind or underneath the appliance. This prolongs its life by being gentle on your fridge’s motor.
  • Replace any loose door gaskets. You can find more details in your user manual to determine which replacement parts you need: you’ll save energy with a tighter seal!
  • Use soapy water, or create a 50-50 water and vinegar concoction to make your fridge dazzle both inside and out. Shelves and crispers should be wiped down weekly, and fingerprints will disappear with a damp cloth on stainless steel faces.

Stovetop and Oven Cleaning Techniques

Certain ovens have self-cleaning options. However, not every inch can be reached this way. Door hinges and frames can accumulate gunk, and the space between double ovens can catch a plethora of things!

Ovens can be cleaned by:

Using vinegar and soap water for a quick clean to wipe up the debris. Likewise, you should make it a habit of cleaning up spills as they happen to keep deep cleaning to a minimum.

Stovetops can be cleaned by:

  • Filling your sink with hot soap water and start soaking burners, knobs and hood vents, then scrub clean.
  • Replace stained metal drips plates if they can’t be properly cleaned.
  • Vacuum any crumbs that have fallen between the cracks.

Dishwasher Cleaning Steps

You would assume your dishwasher cleans itself, however that is not the case! Be sure to check the drain at the bottom for debris and wipe the gasket to make sure the door is tightly sealed.

Likewise, you can deodorize your appliance by running the machine with a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack. Make sure you empty it after for a full cycle.

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