7 Tips for Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

We can do a lot to extend the life of our home kitchen appliances. We’ve comprised this list tips to help you get the most out of your appliances lifespan, and your money’s worth!

Refrigerator Repair
Refrigerator Repair at Low Cost

Here’s how to ensure your kitchen appliances always run smoothly

However, don’t forget to always unplug your appliance before you begin any work on it. Stay safe!

  1. Clean Your Coils: Service experts find this issue on most of their refrigerator calls. The coils can usually be accessed through the front grille. Then, push a coil cleaning brush into the coils, pull it back and then vacuum it clean. Now, your coils will cool more efficiently!
  2. Don’t Overload: By stuffing your washer and dryer with clothes, you may assume that you’re saving water and energy. However, you’re actually just damaging motors and other moving parts. These repairs can rack up expensive bills, that way you’re better off buying a new machine.
  3. Silence Is Golden: A loud washing machine and dryer’s vibrations can easily be silenced by adding rubber anti-vibration pads to the bottoms of their feet!
  4. Keep The Dishwasher Clean: When your dishwasher ceases to clean your plates, usually the blame is placed on the filter being full of food. If it’s clogged, water can’t travel to the spray arms. Locate the filter in your machine, then use a wet/dry vacuum to clean off the screen.
  5. Don’t Slam The Doors! By dropping or slamming the lid of your washer, dryer, and even your refrigerator and stove, you run the risk of breaking the lid/door switch. Sadly, this will cost at least $100! But, this can be avoided with a gentle hand when lowering and closing the doors.
  6. All Things Stove: If your stove burner won’t light, its could be from spilled food. You can use a tooth brush to buff off food spills from the igniter. However, if your appliance is an electric ignition stove, it’s the little ceramic nub found under the ceramic steal strike plate. If the burner on your electric stove isn’t working, turn the burner off and pull it out of its socket. Then, plug it in and wiggle it around. If it’s loose, remove the burner again and bend the burner prongs slightly outward for a tighter connection.
  7. Clean Fridge Gaskets: When you clean your fridge’s door gaskets clean, it will seal properly and last a long time. However, by letting sticky foods clog up into the door, it’ll glue the frame and gasket together. Plus, by pulling hard on the stuck door, you can eventually tear the gasket. This will cost you $100 of more to fix! Also if the door doesn’t close well then the fridge will run longer, boosting your utility bill. Clean the gasket with warm water and a sponge as detergents can damage the gasket.

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