Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

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Samsung dishwasher error codes will show on your digital display screen when there is a problem with any normal operations of your machine. Understanding the Samsung dishwasher error codes on your digital dishwasher will help you solve the problems when they arise. Always turn off and unplug your dishwasher before fixing your appliance.

The most common Samsung dishwasher error codes are:

OE/OC/0C/oE Water Overflow Error

This error shows when there is too much water in the dishwasher. It could indicate there is a problem with the water inlet valve or main power board assembly. Inspect the drain hose, sink connection, filter, sump pump, and drain. Clean any blockages. If the water continues to fill, replace the inlet valve, or power board.

1E/IE Clogged Filter Error This code means water is not passing through the filter. To fix, clean the fine filter located at the bottom of your dishwasher. If the problem still persists, contact a Samsung technician.
HE Water Heater Error

Check the heater’s wire connections and main power board assembly. If the heater is not working, replace it. If the heater is fine, the problem could be the main power board. Replace if damaged.

HE1 Thermistor Error

This code means the temperature inside the dishwasher is higher than 176F or below 175F. It cn can caused if the heat relay on the main power board is stuck or the thermistor is defective and needs to be replaced.

Flashing “Heavy” Water Leak When you see the word “heavy” flashing on your digital panel, this means there is a water leak. Inspect and tighten or replace the drain hose.
LC/LE Water Leak Error This means there is a water leak under the dishwasher because the drain hoses or pump are faulty. Inspect the hoses, drain pump and tub. Replace any damaged parts.
IE/1E Clogged Filter Error This error code is commonly seen in waterfall models when the water is not passing through the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher. To fix, clean the filter. If the code still shows, contact a Samsung service representative.
bE2/BE Control Panel Button Stuck Error One of the buttons on the control panel is stuck. Press all the buttons to find and unstick the problematic button. If the issue persists, replace the control panel.
CE Communication Error The control panel is not communicating with the dishwasher. To fix, turn off the dishwasher and restart the machine. If the problem continues, contact a Samsung service technician.
PE Half Load Error Code

This code indicates there is an issue with the diverter assembly, sump pump or motor assembly. It occurs when the spray arm, which is controlled by the diverter assembly, is not working when it is in the half-load mode. Inspect and reconnect and loose wires and wire harness. Replace and damaged parts.

3C Pump Operation Error

This error means the water pump is not working. If it does not work by turning off and restarting the dishwasher, it will likely have to be replaced.

3E High Temperature Error

This code means the water temperature is too high. Check the machines water temperature setting to confirm it is below 175F. If the setting is not the issue, you will have to contact a Samsung service technician.

4C/4E Water Supply Error

This code will come on if there is no water in the dishwasher tub six minutes after turning dishwasher on. This could indicate a problem with the water inlet valve. Make sure the water supply cut-off valve is completely open and the inlet valve screen is not clogged. Check all wiring to make sure the valve is connected properly. Replace the water inlet valve.

5C/5E/SC/SE Water Not Draining Error

This code indicates the water is draining too slowly or not at all. Inspect and clean any clogs from the sink connection and drain, drainage hose, filter, and sump pump. Replace any damaged parts if problem persists.

7E Waterwall Reflector Error

This error occurs when the waterwall reflector is blocked and cannot move. Check to make sure the reflector has been installed properly and there is not sticking to the part. If your machine is new, check to make sure all the packaging tape has been removed.

9E Low Water Level Error

This happens when there is not enough water in the dishwasher. After opening your dishwasher empty any dishes that have filled with water. Make sure your machine is level and all wires are securely connected. Replace the water level sensor or wire harness if damaged.